Monday, May 7, 2007

Don't give up on your dreams

As we pray, we know that patience and trust are needed, because not everything we pray for is answered right away. Often we need to wait and keep on praying until we see an answer come. Some times this goes well and other times not so well, and we might find ourselves praying something like, Lord, give me patience and give it to me NOW.

This applies to the dreams and the promises God gives to us, often they take a long time to come to pass. Sometimes the wait is because God is working in our lives or in others lives and this process can not be rushed. But hang in there, it is worth the wait.

In Genesis there are a couple examples of those who waited. It was a 25 year process for Abraham to see a son born. Joseph had dreams at the age of 17, but had to wait till he was 30 to see them come to pass. I may be reading between the lines, but both Abraham and Joseph were people like us, so I am sure there were times that they were ready to give up. Yet, God was faithful and the dreams were realized.

You may have a dream of being a missionary, or of having your own business that can also be a ministry. Our dreams can also be for others, to see them saved, to see the Lord bring them into a particular situation or ministry, or to see something happen in our community or country. Many parents have faithfully prayed for children for years before a dream or promise come to pass.

God shows us things so that we can pray for them and see them happen – so don't give up. There may be some of you who have laid some dreams and hopes aside or have almost forgotten about them because it has been so long since the Lord first put them in your heart. Be encouraged to stir up those dreams and to start believing again for the promise He has showed you. It may take a long time for some things to come to pass, yet when they do, it can make an eternal difference for many.

God bless you all.

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